Sea Point Penthouse by Inhouse

WORDS Cheri Morris

Local interior design studio Inhouse brought paint, purpose and refined elegance to the renovation of this double-volume penthouse at The Fairmont in Cape Town’s Sea Point.

This three-bedroom abode overlooks the burly Atlantic, ideally situated to offer arresting daybreak and nightfall vistas from a multitude of viewpoints at any given time.

Inhouse was tasked with making the initially grey concrete box as alluring as its surroundings. Opting for flow with an air of masculinity, the design sees an open-plan layout coupled with a dark colour palette. Entertainment spaces feature prominently darker hues while private spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, offer a softer, more subdued palette.

Natural elements like glass, steel, marble and mirrors make for timelessly elegant yet contemporary style. Walls and floors covered in various marbles whisper opulence beneath the rays of light shed by pendant fixtures and recessed LEDs. Wandering through the marble passageways will bring you to a whiskey room encased in glass and a statement spiral staircase. Upon traversing the staircase, you are lead to a rooftop bordered by unending panoramic seaboard views.

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