Shirin Gunny’s Ephemeral Art

shirin gunny

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Mauritius-born artist Shirin Gunny quit her job in a large communications agency to focus on her passion for creating.

After foraging in her tropical garden, Shirin was overwhelmed by the colours and shapes she found and decided to use the natural materials at hand to create her designs.

Shirin’s first collection, entitled Floral Accord, is inspired by the natural beauty of the island and makes use of flowers, as well as objects found in nature. The collection aims to give a conventional material, like flowers, which are commonly used for arrangements, a more contemporary, visual edge.

“When I start, I never know what the result will be,” she says. “It all comes together in a very natural way. Whether it’s the amount of flowers I’ve managed to pluck on that day, the colours and shapes I was able to find. Part of the process feels a bit like magic because I always end up having the exact amount of seeds, petals and leaves that are required to finalise a piece.”

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