Sisyphus: Kickstarter’s Most Successful Art Campaign To Date

WORDS Mary Garner VIDEO via Bruce Shapiro on Vimeo

Former doctor Bruce Shapiro, who has been working with motion control as a medium for 25 years, has created his first kinetic art sculpture for the home – and it’s Kickstarter’s most successfully funded art campaign to date, having raised $1 924 018.

The name Sisyphus is based on Greek mythology in which Sisyphus was condemned to roll a boulder up a mountain for all time. “In my art, Sisyphus is a kinetic sculpture that rolls a ball through sand, forever creating and erasing beautiful patterns,” says Bruce. “Watching Sisyphus evokes a meditative feeling. Over time I have come to view Sisyphus as more than a kinetic art piece: it is an instrument. As a musical instrument plays songs, Sisyphus plays paths.”

Bruce’s work is featured in permanent installations in Switzerland, Germany and Australia. Sisyphus is available as an end table or a coffee table.

Watch Sisyphus come to life below.

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