Stay Evil Kids’ Death Becomes Her Mirror Collection

WORDS Cheri Morris

An ethereal love affair between natural stone and coloured geometric glass, Stay Evil Kids‘ latest collection of mirrors will have you staring at your reflection longer than usual.

Titled Death Becomes Her after the macabre cult-comedy starring Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, this collection of dazzling mirrors is a series in stone. Each piece of stone was carefully hand-selected from stone yards by the designers, Wendy and Jennifer. Each is as unique as its creator and is crafted largely from reclaimed natural stone including granite, marble and quartz. The rest of the stone hails from a depleted Namibian quarry, making it the last of its kind.

The collection is an enigmatic exploration of the incongruity of materials and ideas; rough stone juxtaposed by slick glass, the permanence of stone versus the delicateness of glass, the eventuality of death versus the fleeting years of youth. The collection includes a granite floor standing mirror named Tombstone, Fraternal Twin Bedside Tables, the Iceberg Vanity and a series of small stone mirrors in six shapes titled Series i – v.

The collection will be available for viewing at Welcome Home Design Store as part of a three-week exhibition of high-end design, featuring Fabrica and Douglas & Company.