Street Art: Jaune’s Tiny Murals

WORDS Mary Garner

Jonathan Pauwels, also known by his alias Jaune, is a Belgian stencil artist with an eye for the miniature.

He creates quirky works of art within the city of Brussels, carefully stencilling tiny sanitation workers in action onto brick walls, pipes and door frames.

“Despite performing an important public service in garish fluorescent clothing, I observed that [sanitation workers] exist in the background of our urban environment, becoming almost invisible to the average person,” says Jaune about the series in an artist statement on his website.

“It was in 2011 that I decided to free these characters from their roles by symbolically placing them in ever more absurd and whimsical scenarios in and around the city streets,” he says. “Those who were supposed to keep the world tidy have become harbingers of chaos.”

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