Street Art: Nelio

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES VIDEO L’Art et la Matière on Vimeo

The street-side Picasso, Nelio, blends fine art, graffiti, abstract art, cubism and graphic design to bring his unique and textured ideas to life.

Nelio uses discarded pieces of wood and spray paint to build his clean-cut geometric shapes, symbols, letters and facial features, using a range of colours that vary between neatly monochromatic and vibrant polychromatic palettes. His work is uniquely textured and inspired not only by the freedom of graffiti, but also by the more refined disciplines of art history, architecture and graphic design.

Over the last 14 years, Nelio has garnered a large following and has exhibited his work across the globe. When he is not busy with a project – be it spray painting a concrete wall or preparing for an exhibition – he works from his hometown studio in Lyon, France.

Nelio also cites ancient Egyptians symbols, the Mayans and the influence of movements that include Suprematism, Dadaism, Surrealism, De Stijl and Bauhaus as inspirations. Through the combination of his varied influences, he pursues a style that expresses both the old and the new.

To view more of Nelio’s work, catch him on Instagram.