Thania Petersen Solo Exhibition: Remnants

IMAGES courtesy of the artist and Everard Read/CIRCA Gallery

Artist Thania Petersen’s first solo exhibition, entitled Remnants, is currently showing at the Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town.

Thania, who we previously featured here, is a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on photography, installations and mixed media works. Her pieces explore the themes of identity.

thania petersen

Bahasagalaramashari, 2017

Bahasagalaramashari is Thania’s made-up name for the striking mixed media work above. The word represents a utopian place in which we could imagine living.

“Rendering place as event, it is a ritual – a thing we think we do because it has been done before and a thing we want to do because no one has ever done it,” explains Ruth Simbao, the National Research founder for SARChl Chair. “Bahasagalaramashari, as place and concept, represents a depth we seek as we skim the surface, and a surface we enjoy as we dread the depth. Sitting askew, the slanting line that concurrently leans ‘here’ and ‘there’ parallels the awkwardness Petersen feels as a Muslim besieged by secular and consumerist ideals.”

The exhibition runs at the Everard Read Gallery, 3 Portswood Road, Cape Town until 5 March 2017. Visit for more information.