The Gucci Homeware Collection

WORDS Mary Garner

The new Gucci homeware collection, known as Gucci Décor, is a feast of colour, eclecticism and luxury.

Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s runway collections inspired this thrilling and decadent homeware range, which includes furniture, cushions, teapots, crockery, silk screens, as well as silk, vinyl and paper wallpapers.

The refined silk screens, which feature colourful pineapple prints and unexpectedly creative octopus designs, will set you back nearly $30 000, while you will be able to get incense and candles for around $190.

The Gucci Décor collection won’t be given a dedicated space within the store, instead the pieces will be merchandised along with the rest of the ranges. According to the design house, “The idea is not to prescribe a particular decorative look, but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customised.”

The fashion house will officially launch this new line in stores by September 2017.