The Muse Collection by Zoffany

WORDS Mary Garner

The Muse fabric and wallcovering collection by Zoffany, designed and printed in England, epitomises the decadence and sophistication associated with the 1920’s.

Created with luxurious materials that exude elegance, the collection perfectly combines craftsmanship with modernist style.

“The Muse collection represents Zoffany at its most contemporary, telling the story of an imaginary muse and the art she inspired – and many of the designs are named after real life artists’ muses,” shares Peter Gomez, Head of Design for Zoffany. “Everything the muse touches turns to gold and captures the artist’s imagination.”

Colours included in the range are Vine Black, Rose Quartz and Sahara for fabrics and Malachite, Prussian Blue and Smoked Pearl for wallcoverings.

The range is now available locally at St Leger & Viney. For more information, visit