The Okuta Collection by MIMINAT Designs

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Stephanie Louise Green

London-based interior architect, designer and artist Mimi Shodeinde has created a new range of beautiful contemporary homeware.

The Okuta Collection from MIMINAT Designs, which offers a fusion of modern European and African art-meets-design, includes a tea set, pitcher, decanter and wine glasses, platter and cheese board. The pieces are sourced and handmade in Portugal, with the mouth-blown glass elements created in Czech Republic.

Inspired by ancient Yoruba stone murals, the range uses a combination of wood, brass, glass, ceramic and gold leaf to explore the organic and natural forms of late 14th century Yoruba design.

Mimi Shodeinde. Image credit: Ayo Tim.

The collection will be available online from July 2018. Contact Mimi for more information.