Top Kitchen Trends For 2019


WORDS Carine Visagie

Planning to remodel your kitchen? Don’t risk falling behind the times. We share a few top kitchen trends for 2019.

Right now, minimalist kitchens are all the rage: think calm spaces with clean lines where high-tech appliances and sleek materials reign supreme, where appliances are more integrated than ever, where cabinetry is kept to the bare minimum, and where workbenches remain clutter-free.

But what else can we expect to see in the world’s most covetable kitchens in 2019? On a recent trip to South Korea, LG gave VISI an exclusive look into the kitchen of the future, and the trends and appliances to look out for over the next few months.

1. Smart Technology

“The kitchen is no longer just the place where cooking happens. It’s a gathering place for the whole family,” says TJ Lee, Vice President and Head of LG H&A’s Middle East Sales and Marketing Function Division. As it’s the place where we communicate, plan and organise our lives, it’s the perfect starting point for adopting smart technology in the home.

In turn, everything in the kitchen revolves around the refrigerator, which is why appliance manufacturers are focusing a great deal of attention on making the fridge as intelligent and connected as possible – a trend that will gain momentum in 2019.

Some of the world’s smartest refrigerators are already integrated with Amazon and Google, making it possible to remotely control these appliances. You can now also order groceries by talking to your fridge, listen to your favourite tunes or the evening news while cooking, and work from a recipe displayed on your fridge door. “In the future,” says Lee, “your refrigerator will also be able to give you information about how stale your food is and if you need a fresh supply.”

2. Appliances That Save Water and Energy

The world is facing an ever-increasing scarcity of resources, which is why a growing number of consumers will be investing in kitchen appliances that save water and energy in 2019.

While this in itself isn’t a new trend, the fact that we’ll be investing in appliances that we can control remotely in an effort to save water and energy certainly is. Some of the latest fridges, for example, can be temperature adjusted via remote control, while the energy usage of the world’s most evolved washing machines can be monitored from pretty much anywhere, as long as you’re connected to the Net.

Appliances are also becoming smarter in other ways, helping us to save water and energy on the run. Washing machines that can be paused halfway to add more clothing items, or which use cold water as effectively as warm water to wash away dirt and grime, will give us more reason to ditch our old, energy-hogging appliances in 2019 and to swap over to some of the latest, greatest models.

3. Dual-function Appliances That Save Time and Space

Our lives are getting busier and busier, which is why time-saving kitchen appliances are increasing in popularity. In turn, the trend toward smaller living spaces means that dual-function appliances will gain traction in 2019.

Washing machines that can do two cycles at once, or which combine drying and washing in a single machine, will be where it’s at for time-strapped consumers who also have limited kitchen space.

In turn, microwave ovens that can perform multiple cooking functions, while cooking food several times faster than conventional microwave ovens, will become a logical choice for consumers who want to cook anything their hearts desire without having to invest in multiple appliances.