Update Your Space With The Home Studio


You don’t need to undergo a complete overhaul and you don’t need a big budget to give your space designer attention – The Home Studio is disrupting the market by making the luxury of interior design available to everyone, regardless of the scope of your project or budget.

The Home Studio concept is based on complete transparency and collaboration between the client and the designer throughout the design process. Based on your initial consultation, a designer will respond to your brief with a cost estimate, which includes a recap of your design requirements, a project plan, the estimated number of hours your project will require and the suggested next steps. The best part? Your fee is capped at R750 per hour so there are no surprises or hefty bills at the end of the process.

The concept for The Home Studio was developed by interior designer Karen Steyn. Having worked around the world in the corporate design environment, Karen encountered a number of homeowners who wanted to employ an interior designer, but were intimidated by the presumed cost. (And those who did approach an interior designer were advised that their projects were too small!)

“I soon realised that this wasn’t an isolated trend when I returned to South Africa,” she says. “I noticed that most South Africans are design savvy, but looking for advice and guidance from a professional.”

She set out to make an interior design firm with a list of services available at every budget. A year later, she launched The Home Studio.

“I am excited about the positive response to The Home Studio and the idea of working with a designer on an hourly basis. I think this model assists clients with deciding on the level of involvement their designer has in their project. We find that it makes our clients very focused and empowers them, as they are more involved in the design of their home.”

The Home Studio’s e-Design service is proving to be very popular, as it gives clients the opportunity to work with an interior designer on small-scale projects. “This option is ideal for someone who needs help with design direction for just one room, or someone who has all the right pieces, but doesn’t know how to pull them all together in their home.”

“In a short amount of time, and at minimal cost, our clients are able to get valuable feedback and ideas for their space, which they can then implement in their own time,” says Karen.

Here’s a useful guideline to help you prepare for your first interior design experience. For more information and a list of services provided by The Home Studio, visit thehomestudio.co.za.