WATCH: Inside Jasper Conran’s Castle Apartment

WORDS Mary Garner VIDEO NOWNESS on Vimeo

British designer Jasper Conran‘s apartment in the New Wardour Castle in Wiltshire in the UK is intimately featured in this video shot by Emile Rafael.

A household name in the design world, Jasper began his career in 1978 with the historic New York store Henri Bendel.

A fan of the grandiose way in which English castles were built and designed, Jasper believes this is what is missing from modern architecture. While the castle’s interior may be over the top, it is simultaneously simple by design.

“I love the English country house, if you like, as a notion from a very early age, for right or wrong,” says Jasper in the video. “I think that what attracts me to an object is its character, the life that its lead. I’m not frightened of things that have been broken and glued together. Time gives an object soul and that I find very attractive.”

Explore his classic apartment for yourself, in the short film above.