WAZ Outdoor Amphibious Lounger


WORDS Mary Garner

A highlight of summer weekends is the freedom to laze away the day outdoors. And for that most gratifying pastime, you need something comfortable to lounge on.

The original WAZ Outdoor Amphibious Lounger is designed for both relaxing poolside and floating on the water. The lounger’s clean lines are created from fabric and soft beaded filling only. Owner Sarah Wassell is very particular when it comes to selecting fabrics, applying an energetic and fervent approach to sourcing both locally and internationally.

The WAZ vision incorporates quality fabrics in both neutral and attention-grabbing colours such as bright orange and fuchsia. “The fundamentals for my design have always been aesthetic appeal combined with absolute comfort,” Sarah says. The Amphibious Lounger has exceptional outdoor specs, such as fade resistance.

“Thorough understanding of materials and how they respond to the harshest outdoor elements is important. There should always be meticulous attention to detail regarding the product and service to the client.” Quality, versatility and constant reinvention are the hallmarks of each luxury piece by WAZ Outdoor.

Priced at R12 650 each.

For more information, visit wazoutdoor.com.