Weylandts Opens New Store in Ballito

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Furniture and home decor brand Weylandts has opened a brand-new store in the Ballito Lifestyle Centre.

Every Weylandts store around the nation offers a theme tailor-made to tie in with the surroundings of the area. The new store, which opened on 1 September 2018, is based around the concept of “Living Fossils”.

Inspired by the layered textures of coastal shorelines and the formations caused by the ocean’s breaking waves, the concept references petrified wood, exposed coral and ancient creatures of the deep.

Founder and CEO Chris Weylandt elaborates on his decision to open in Ballito, saying “With the North Coast developing at a fast pace, as well as offering a lifestyle and type of customer that is a great fit for our brand, we had been exploring the viability of opening a Weylandts retail operation in Ballito for over two years. Having done the necessary market research and visiting Ballito on numerous occasions to assess the growth, lifestyle and retail demand, we finally made the decision that there was a definite opportunity for us to service the Ballito and surrounding markets. As a national brand, getting into a smaller emerging market like this is a great opportunity.”

For more information, visit weylandts.co.za.